About the Project:

The client first approached us to create Clams & Claws restaurant that is based on the famous American boil concept for shellfish serving: No Plates, serving in food-approved bags. A young, hip concept unlike what the market is familiar with. Breaking the norm of traditional seafood concepts and serving a younger market. 

As we started to analyse their menu ideas, we realized it's mainly shellfish and the most common items were "Clams & Claws", exactly what we used as low-poly abstract shapes for their logo. 

Coming up with the slogan was next on our to-do list. reviewing what the customers would be doing at the table without the covers and plates, they would be enjoying and straight away "diving-in" so went ahead with the slogan "DIVE IN" to highlight the mindset of indulging without worry.

We created multiple patterns based on low-poly shapes with shellfish, played on words for their menu to create a custom experience for the restaurant guests.

Project Details:

Client: Clams & Claws

Demo: Clams & Claws

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