About the Project:

Miel O miels began beekeeping 30 years ago with three hives. Today their apiaries include hundreds of hives located in one of the most beautiful, greenest and ecologically richest Lebanese valleys. When the client approached us for his branding and jar labels, he had a few palyful references in mind and when we further discussed the art direction, we derived from his brief that he would like to highlight the Lebanese heritage on the label in a modern way. 
The Lebanese architecture is distinguished with its notable windows, so we playfully merged the beehives with the colored glass windows to obtain the signature Miel O miels emblem. We also custom-created icons for the autentic Lebanese brand, with color-coding for the later-to-come lines of production.
As the product is to launch in Cote D'Ivoire, we designed the Label in French as well as English and created POS wobblers, danglers and shelf-talkers to. 

Project Details:

Client: Miel O Miels

Date: 2022-02-05

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